Wednesday, October 17, 2018

"What Have You Done"

Matthew Farrell lives just outside of New York City in the Hudson Valley with his wife and two daughters.

He applied the Page 69 Test to his new thriller, What Have You Done, and reported the following:
Oooh, yes. I just read page 69 and is it representative of the book. In fact, page 69 represents Liam's first lie that he's caught in, which then begins to snowball into other lies along the way. It's the jumping-off point of when the reader begins to question more than one character, which was my goal when writing. I want to keep the reader guessing.

One of the interesting themes in What Have You Done is the illusion of truth versus reality. Is Liam telling lies to cover up a crime or because he doesn't want his brother to know about things he's ashamed of? Is Sean telling lies because he's guilty of murder or because he's trying to protect his brother from knowing too much about a life he's trying to hide? Sometimes family can be as devious and disingenuous as a stranger or an enemy. But it's the love of family, that bond, that creates a loyalty that could ultimately put you on a path to self-destruction.
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--Marshal Zeringue