Tuesday, March 30, 2021

"The Perfect Marriage"

Adam Mitzner is the acclaimed Amazon Charts bestselling author of Dead Certain, Never Goodbye, and The Best Friend in the Broden Legal series as well as the stand-alone thrillers A Matter of Will, A Conflict of Interest, A Case of Redemption, Losing Faith, and The Girl from Home. A practicing attorney in a Manhattan law firm, Mitzner and his family live in New York City.

Mitzner applied the Page 69 Test to his new novel, The Perfect Marriage, and reported the following:
Without spoilers, page 69 encapsulates some of the important intrigue The Perfect Marriage.

The page is split into two scenes.

The first is the tail-end of a discussion between the two main characters – James and Jessica Sommers – regarding the well-being of their son and a financial crisis they’re facing. These two issues are at the center of the book and propel much of the action to follow, as well as the twists and turns at the end.

The second part of the page concerns a twist in which two characters we’ve seen a lot of previously turn out to have a relationship that had not yet been disclosed.

I would not want a reader to turn to page 69 at the beginning, because it reveals too much, but after they’ve read the book, I welcome them to return to that page because a lot of what happens throughout its 300-odd pages is right there on page 69.
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