Monday, May 6, 2019

"The Last Time I Saw You"

Liv Constantine is the pen name of bestselling authors Lynne Constantine and Valerie Constantine. Their debut thriller, The Last Mrs. Parrish, was a Reese Witherspoon book club selection, a People Magazine book of the week, a Target book club selection, and is in development for television.

The authors applied the Page 69 Test to their new novel, The Last Time I Saw You, and reported the following:
Although Page 69 of The Last Time I Saw You is not filled with action, the murder victim and several of the suspects are named here. Lily is already dead by now, brutally murdered in her own home. Her daughter, Kate, appears on this page after an uneasy interaction with her husband, Simon, a prime suspect. He’s been secretive and aloof, and a little too friendly with a beautiful young colleague at his architectural firm. Blaire, Kate’s best friend and Simon’s nemesis, is asking questions here, seeing for the first time that Detective Anderson seems to be investigating much more than just Lily’s murder. Now Kate is being targeted and threatened along with her young daughter, Annabelle. What does Anderson know and how much information is he keeping from them? Hilda, Annabelle’s nanny, makes another entrance on this page. She too, will come to be one of the suspects in a long list of them. Her background is fuzzy, her only child and grandchild three thousand miles away, estranged from her only sister. Does she have a possible motive? And finally there is Selby, hated by Blaire, but the friend Kate has known the longest, the friend who, like Kate, comes from old money and privilege, the friend whose mother and Lily were best friends. Suspicion, mistrust and hatred simmer beneath the surface and soon will rise up as they come closer and closer to unmasking the murderer among them.
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--Marshal Zeringue