Tuesday, November 21, 2017

"A Season to Lie"

Emily Littlejohn was born and raised in southern California. She has called Colorado home since 2003.

Littlejohn applied the Page 69 Test to her new novel, A Season to Lie, and reported the following:
From Page 69:
The sound of a car engine pulled my attention from the trash can. Finn met me at the front door. He looked tired. The shadows under his baby blues were dark and his normally immaculate clothes were rumpled.

"Sorry to drag you out on a Sunday," I said. "Late night?"

Finn yawned and shrugged at the same time. He ignored my question. "It's an active murder investigation. I don't want you to get all the glory. Did you go in yet?"

I shook my head. "Nope."
I read A Season to Lie's page 69 and it was great fun! At this page in the mystery, Detective Gemma Monroe has arrived at the rental property of Delaware Fuente, a famous author who has been brutally murdered at a private high school in her resort town of Cedar Valley, Colorado. The amount of snow on his car leads her to believe that the car hasn't been driven in a few days, which begs the question: how did he get to the school? Did he know his killer? As she pokes around the property, her partner Finn Nowlin arrives. The scene is a great snapshot of the ways in which the two detectives both complement each other and bring unique talents to the case.
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--Marshal Zeringue