Wednesday, September 7, 2016

"Scavenger of Souls"

Joshua David Bellin has been writing books since the age of eight (though his first few were admittedly very, very short). He is the author of Survival Colony 9 and its sequel, Scavenger of Souls. When he’s not writing, he spends his time drawing, catching amphibians, and watching monster movies with his kids. A Pittsburgh native, Bellin has taught college English, published three nonfiction books (one about monsters!), and taken part in the movement to protect the environment.

He applied the Page 69 Test to Scavenger of Souls and reported the following:
It’s appropriate to apply this test to page 69 of Scavenger of Souls, because that’s exactly what’s happening on that page: my teenage protagonist, Querry Genn, is being tested.

Querry and his friends have been taken captive by a man who calls himself Asunder, leader of a small group of survivors who’ve rejected machine technology in the wake of devastating wars. Asunder’s hunting for new recruits, and he’s presented Querry and the other teens with a terrible choice: join him, or be sacrificed to the unknown power that dwells in the desert, the Scavenger of Souls. On page 69, the teens debate the offer, which is ultimately a test of their resolve, their friendship, and their lives.

For Querry, the group’s nominal leader, that test carries particular urgency. He wants to protect his people, but he’s running out of time, and there are mysterious forces working against him. The choices Querry makes, the risks he’s willing to run, and the sacrifices he’s willing to endure are what drive the book to its conclusion.

Does Querry pass the test in the end? Read Scavenger of Souls to find out!
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--Marshal Zeringue