Wednesday, September 21, 2016

"Making Friends with Billy Wong"

Augusta Scattergood is a former librarian turned book reviewer turned middle-grade author. Her books include Glory Be and The Way to Stay in Destiny.

Scattergood applied the Page 69 Test to her latest book, Making Friends with Billy Wong, and reported the following:
I love this test. When I was a school librarian, it was one way I helped young readers decide if they'd like a book or not.

One of my favorite scenes to write begins at the bottom of page 68 and continues to page 69. So I fudged a little.
"That's my mama's favorite!" I hummed along about a blue moon and a dream in my heart. "The day I was born, Daddy called the radio station and requested that song for Mama and me."

My grandmother put down her iced-tea glass and settled her hands in her lap. "You don't say," she said very quietly.

"I know all the words. Since I was barely tall enough to put my arms around his waist, I've danced on my daddy's shoes." I was still a little mad at Mama, but remembering her and Daddy carrying on to music made me smile.

Grandma Clark turned to face the window, away from me. "Get me some more tea, Azalea. While you're up, cut off the radio."

“But I love 'Blue Moon.'"

"I asked you to turn it off. We've heard enough," she answered.
I think this passage very indicative of the book because it shows how Azalea and her grandmother struggled to get to know each other when Azalea first came to help Grandma Clark. Azalea misses her parents, her dad especially, and Grandma Clark loves to criticize.

Truthfully, I'm also fond of this scene because I remember dancing on my own daddy's shoes!
Learn more about the book and author at Augusta Scattergood's website and blog.

The Page 69 Test: The Way to Stay in Destiny.

--Marshal Zeringue