Tuesday, October 13, 2015

"The Good Neighbor"

Amy Sue Nathan was born and raised in Philadelphia and is a graduate of Temple University with a Bachelor’s in Journalism (a degree she actually uses). She has called the Chicago area home since the late 1990s, and is the proud mom of two grown children (her favorite oxymoron). In addition to being a writer, editor, and blogger, she's a dog-lover, vegetarian, not-so-secret crafter, and lover of all things wine and chocolate.

Nathan's debut novel, The Glass Wives, was published by St. Martin’s Griffin in May 2013.

She applied the Page 69 Test to her second novel, The Good Neighbor, and reported the following:
From page 69:
Miss Mary Mack

My best ideas came when least expected—somewhat like colds and old boyfriends—so I postponed writing my next blog post. I logged onto Facebook instead, knowing that I’d lose myself in the grown-up faces of my childhood friends and the doppelgangers they showcased as their offspring. I answered a few quizzes that quantified my life. My accent was from Philadelphia. I most resembled the literary heroine Jane Eyre. I should live in Paris. I was 90% a foodie. I stopped before finding out who I’d been in a previous life. One life was enough for now, thank you very much.

I had nothing on my own Facebook page except a profile picture from an excellent hair day and a bevy of last year’s birthday wishes. The last comment on Rachel’s page had been entered three minutes before.

I tried not to notice the photo that flanked Rachel’s name at the top of her page. Head tilted, eyes looking up, hair full and pushed to one side. Like a Glamour Shot without the painted lips or feather boa. I cast down my gaze, embarrassed on Rachel’s behalf. Who was this Real Housewife of Rydal and what had she done with my herb-growing, ballet-loving cousin?
Page 69 marks the beginning of Chapter 8 in The Good Neighbor. Here we see the main character, Izzy Lane, as she discovers an online photo of her best friend Rachel and is surprised—no, alarmed. Knowing Izzy like I do, I’d say she had an inkling that no good was going to come of that photo.
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