Wednesday, October 28, 2015

"No True Echo"

Gareth P. Jones is a London-based author of over 25 books for children. Titles available in the US include his Victorian ghost story, Constable & Toop (Abrams Books), a series about ninja meerkats called Ninja Meerkats (Square Fish) and a picture book about some dinosaurs having a party called The Dinosaurs Are Having a Party (Andersen - illustrations by Garry Parsons).

Jones applied the Page 69 Test to his brand new YA book, No True Echo:
Page 69:
“It will make it easier if you don’t ask questions that I’m not going to answer,” stated Scarlett.

“How do I know if it’s a question you won’t answer?”

“Perhaps avoid all of them, just in case.”

“Maybe Mr. Cornish is some kind of magician,” I said, careful not to phrase it as a question.

“Maybe,” replied Scarlett.

“Is he?”

“No, and that’s still a question.”

“So, you understand what’s going on but you won’t tell me. Is that it?”

“I understand some of what is going on, and I will tell you this: burying books is pretty old hat where I’m from, and the fact that he thought your mother was alive is interesting. But what I really need to know is what he wrote in that book.”

When the kitchen light went off, Scarlett stood up and hurried across the marsh. She didn’t wait for me, but nor was she surprised when I followed her.

This was far too interesting to give up.
From this page 69 of No True Echo it should be clear that it is a confusing book. It is a first person narrative in which the narrator (Eddie) has no idea what is going on… which means that neither do you. Did I mention that No True Echo is a confusing book? Another interesting thing about this test is that there is a slightly different version of the book in the UK. That page 69 is written in the third person and involves a funny incident with a cat. So if I was writing this was blog for the British version of this website it would be completely different. Which is kind of the point of the book. Did I already say that No True Echo is a confusing book?
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--Marshal Zeringue