Friday, June 26, 2015

"Even When You Lie to Me"

Jessica Alcott lives with her husband and their two cats. She graduated from Bennington College and has worked at a children’s publisher in the UK.

Alcott applied the Page 69 Test to Even When You Lie to Me, her first novel, and reported the following:
Ugh, I always hate looking at the book after I've been away from it! It takes me a while not to be disgusted with it (yes, I should probably see someone about this). Anyway, page 69 is a conversation between Charlie, the protagonist, and Mr. Drummond, the teacher she's developing a crush on. They're bantering about books but really testing each other out, which is pretty representative of their relationship as a whole. This page also contains one of my favorite stupid jokes, which I'd been saving in my head for years (the book is probably 65% outlet for stupid literature-based jokes I've thought of over the years), which is when Charlie assumes from the title that The Brothers Karamazov is about Russian acrobats, and Drummond counters with, "Just like Madame Bovary is about a cow who wants to be human." I apologize.
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