Monday, February 19, 2007

The Page 69 Test series: 2008 & before

Visit the complete list of Page 69 Test entries since the end of 2008.

Page 69 Test entries, December 31, 2008 and before:

John Llewellyn Probert, Coffin Nails
Tom Harper, The Lost Temple
Kelley Armstrong, Living with the Dead
L.E. Modesitt, Jr., The Lord-Protector's Daughter
Robert Greer, Blackbird, Farewell
Laura Benedict, Calling Mr. Lonely Hearts
Brendan Short, Dream City
Maria Semple, This One Is Mine
T.A. Pratt, Dead Reign
Malena Lott, Dating da Vinci
Karen E. Olson, Shot Girl
PD Martin, The Murderers' Club
Jane Lindskold, Thirteen Orphans
Jan Brogan, Teaser
John Morgan Wilson, Spider Season
Kirsten Menger-Anderson, Doctor Olaf van Schuler's Brain
Sylvia Brownrigg, The Delivery Room
Sandra Ruttan, The Frailty of Flesh
Mary Logue, Point No Point
Jeffrey A. Carver, Sunborn
David Farland, The Wyrmling Horde
Morgan Howell, A Woman Worth Ten Coppers
Diane Hammond, Hannah's Dream
Serena Mackesy, Hold My Hand
Scott Pratt, An Innocent Client
Tony Richards, Dark Rain
Elaine Viets, Murder with All the Trimmings
Ruth Brandon, Caravaggio's Angel
Chris Ewan, The Good Thief's Guide to Paris
Edward M. Lerner, Fools’ Experiments
Katherine Neville, The Fire
Christopher Fowler, The Victoria Vanishes
Laurel Corona, The Four Seasons
Nellie Hermann, The Cure for Grief
Deborah Sharp, Mama Does Time
James Reese, The Dracula Dossier
Mike Walsh, Bowling Across America
Jeri Westerson, Veil of Lies
Joe Barone, The Body in the Record Room
Elizabeth Bear, All the Windwracked Stars
Steve Carlson, Final Exposure
Matt Bondurant, The Wettest County in the World
Martin Corrick, By Chance
Zoë Sharp, Third Strike
Laurie Graff, The Shiksa Syndrome
Todd Hasak-Lowy, Captives
Karen Maitland, Company of Liars
Ad Hudler, Man of the House
Craig McDonald, Toros & Torsos
Hooman Majd, The Ayatollah Begs to Differ
Keir Graff, One Nation, Under God
William G. Tapply, Hell Bent
Andrew Peterson, First to Kill
Betsy Thornton, A Song for You
David Fuller, Sweetsmoke
Joanne Rendell, The Professors' Wives' Club
Kim Barnes, A Country Called Home
Keith Lee Morris, The Dart League King
Michael Largo, Genius and Heroin
Michelle Moran, The Heretic Queen
Steven Sidor, The Mirror’s Edge
Matthew Quick, The Silver Linings Playbook
Andrew Pyper, The Killing Circle
Mike Resnick, Stalking the Vampire
T. Lynn Ocean, Southern Poison
Mary Daheim, Vi Agra Falls
Alafair Burke, Angel’s Tip
JT Ellison, 14
Alison Pace, City Dog
Margaret Cezair-Thompson, The Pirate's Daughter
C. W. Gortner,The Last Queen
James Scott Bell, Try Darkness
Irina Reyn, What Happened to Anna K.
Bill Loehfelm, Fresh Kills
Jonathan Miles, Dear American Airlines
Debra Ginsberg, The Grift
Beth Fehlbaum, Courage in Patience
Carola Dunn, Black Ship
Doreen Orion, Queen of the Road
Brendan Halpin, Forever Changes
Louis Bayard, The Black Tower
Edward Dolnick, The Forger's Spell
M. Glenn Taylor, The Ballad of Trenchmouth Taggart
Lisa Black, Takeover
David Ebershoff, The 19th Wife
Brent Ghelfi, Volk’s Shadow
Marcus Sakey, Good People
Sydney Bauer, Undertow
Anisha Lakhani, Schooled
Michael Koryta, Envy the Night
Ben Tanzer, Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine
Amanda Boyden, Babylon Rolling
Preeta Samarasan, Evening Is the Whole Day
Kristy Kiernan, Matters of Faith
Chris Grabenstein, Hell Hole
John McFetridge,Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
Nancy Kress, Dogs
Michelle Gagnon, Boneyard
Kevin J. Anderson, The Ashes of Worlds
Tayari Jones, The Untelling
J.A. Konrath, Fuzzy Navel
Jonathan Segura, Occupational Hazards
Francie Lin, The Foreigner
Ayelet Waldman, Love and Other Impossible Pursuits
Phillip DePoy, The Drifter's Wheel
J.A. Jance, Damage Control
Martin Clark, The Legal Limit
Kerry Cohen, Loose Girl
Dolores Gordon-Smith, Mad About The Boy?
Victor Gischler, Go-Go-Girls of the Apocalypse
Jess Winfield, My Name Is Will
Lin Enger, Undiscovered Country
Katie Hickman, The Aviary Gate
Karen Essex, Stealing Athena
Brett Battles, The Deceived
Meg Gardiner, The Dirty Secrets Club
N.M. Kelby, Murder at the Bad Girl’s Bar and Grill
Zoë Ferraris, Finding Nouf
Seth Greenland, Shining City
Roxana Robinson, Cost
Vincent H. O’Neil, Exile Trust
Susan Arnout Smith, The Timer Game
Kathryn Casey, Singularity
Jane Finnis, Buried Too Deep
Natasha Cooper, A Poisoned Mind
Paul Goldstein, A Patent Lie
Faye Flam, The Score
Bret Lott, Ancient Highway
Andrew Blechman, Leisureville
Tana French, In the Woods
Christina Meldrum, Madapple
Jennifer McMahon, Island of Lost Girls
Julie Compton, Tell No Lies
Janelle Brown, All We Ever Wanted Was Everything
Mark Schorr, Fixation
Wendy Lee, Happy Family
Karen Abbott, Sin in the Second City
Timothy Hallinan, The Fourth Watcher
Steven Pressfield, Killing Rommel
Jim Krusoe, Girl Factory
Dorothy Hearst, Promise of the Wolves
Shannon Burke, Black Flies
Ben Rehder, Holy Moly
Thomas Perry, Fidelity
Ellen Feldman, Scottsboro
Kate Mosse, Sepulchre
Cheryl Kaye Tardif, Whale Song
Donald Ray Pollock, Knockemstiff
Joanna Hershon, The German Bride
Joel Goldman, Shakedown
Mike Lawson, House Rules
Sherri Rifkin, LoveHampton
Anthony Neil Smith, Yellow Medicine
Douglas Smith, The Pearl
Mike Brotherton, Spider Star
Karen Harrington, Janeology
Claire M. Johnson, Roux Morgue
Daniel Kalla, Cold Plague
Tom Rob Smith, Child 44
Dan Elish, The Misadventures of Justin Hearnfeld
Michael Allen Dymmoch, M.I.A.
Sally Gunning, Bound
Sandra Ruttan, What Burns Within
Marisa Silver, The God of War
Aravind Adiga, The White Tiger
Elisa Albert, The Book of Dahlia
Joseph Olshan, The Conversion
Jennifer Cody Epstein, The Painter from Shanghai
Jenny Gardiner, Sleeping With Ward Cleaver
Jay Bonansinga, Shattered
Fiona Maazel, Last Last Chance
Katie Crouch, Girls in Trucks
Libby Fischer Hellmann, Easy Innocence
Rana Mitter, Modern China: A Very Short Introduction
Reed Farrel Coleman, Empty Ever After
Joshilyn Jackson, The Girl Who Stopped Swimming

Hillary Jordan, Mudbound
Declan Hughes, The Price of Blood
James Morrow, The Philosopher’s Apprentice
Mario Acevedo, The Undead Kama Sutra
Elizabeth Becka, Unknown Means
Matt Haig, The Labrador Pact
Stephanie Grant, Map of Ireland
Will Lavender, Obedience
Jefferson Bass, The Devil's Bones
Marcus du Sautoy, Symmetry
Laura Lippman, Another Thing to Fall
Kelly Simmons, Standing Still
Brian Freeman, Stalked
Rachel Cline, My Liar
Wagner James Au, The Making of Second Life
Wendy Walker, Four Wives
Laura Wiess, Leftovers
Bill Crider, Of All Sad Words
Thomas Cobb, Shavetail
Annie Finch, Calendars
Neil Shubin, Your Inner Fish
Matt Beynon Rees, A Grave in Gaza
Kathleen Duey, Skin Hunger
Stephen Budiansky, The Bloody Shirt
Joshua Henkin, Matrimony
Paula McLain, A Ticket to Ride
Tim Harford, The Logic of Life
Edward Hardy, Keeper and Kid
David L. Robbins, The Betrayal Game
Louise Ure, The Fault Tree
Jennifer Finney Boylan, I'm Looking Through You
Evan Fallenberg, Light Fell
Meredith Hall, Without a Map
Jeffrey Hantover, The Jewel Trader of Pegu
Emma Anderson, The Betrayal of Faith
Eli Gottlieb, Now You See Him
John Allen Paulos, Irreligion
Sandeep Jauhar, Intern: A Doctor’s Initiation
Traci Slatton, Immortal
Michael Erard, Um...
Marcus Sakey, At the City's Edge
Tim Dorsey, Atomic Lobster
Celia Roberts, Messengers of Sex
James Collins, Beginner's Greek
Lydia Millet, How the Dead Dream
Allison Brennan, Killing Fear
Reed Farrel Coleman, Redemption Street
Leighton Gage, Blood of the Wicked
Jami Attenberg, The Kept Man
Linda L. Richards, Death Was the Other Woman
Kevin Wignall, Who is Conrad Hirst?
Zachary Lazar, Sway
Marshall Cook, Twin Killing
Andrew Lycett, The Man Who Created Sherlock Holmes
Jessica Snyder Sachs, Good Germs, Bad Germs
Marie Phillips, Gods Behaving Badly
Ron Chudley, Stolen
Anne Frasier, Garden of Darkness
Gordon Graham, The Re-enchantment of the World
Gabriel Cohen, The Graving Dock
Michael Dobbs, The Lords’ Day
Andrew K. Sandoval-Strausz, Hotel: An American History
J.T. Ellison, All the Pretty Girls
John MacLachlan Gray, Not Quite Dead
Michael Wiley, The Last Striptease
A. Lappé & D. Goldman, Shooting War
A.J. Jacobs, The Year of Living Biblically
J.M. Hayes, Broken Heartland
Steve Carlson, Almost Graceland
Katherine Howell, Frantic
Kristine Kathryn Rusch, Recovery Man
Scott Newstok, Kenneth Burke on Shakespeare
Jason Goodwin, The Snake Stone
Jonathan Hayes, Precious Blood
J-B. Nadeau and J. Barlow, The Story of French
Karen E. Olson, Dead of the Day
Rachael King, The Sound of Butterflies
David Mizner, Hartsburg, USA
Yannick Murphy, Signed, Mata Hari
Matthew Desmond, On the Fireline
James Scott Bell, Try Dying
R. Barker Bausell, Snake Oil Science
Phoebe Damrosch, Service Included
Susan Wittig Albert, The Tale of Hawthorn House
David Baldacci, Stone Cold
Henry Petroski, The Toothpick
Mark Coggins, Runoff
Jon Kukla, Mr. Jefferson's Women
Chandra Prasad, On Borrowed Wings
Sophie Hannah, Little Face
Brian Francis Slattery, Spaceman Blues
Woody Holton, Unruly Americans and the Origins of the Constitution
Daniel Byman, The Five Front War
Dorothy H. Crawford, Deadly Companions
Erika Mailman, The Witch's Trinity
Jeff Carlson, Plague Year
Denise Hamilton, Prisoner of Memory
Kathy Reichs, Bones to Ashes
Noah Charney, The Art Thief
Margaret Coel, The Girl With Braided Hair
Stephen Gallagher, The Kingdom of Bones
David Blixt, The Master of Verona
David Lozell Martin, Our American King
Ruthanne Lum McCunn, God of Luck
Kimberlee Auerbach, The Devil, The Lovers & Me
Steve Brewer, Cutthroat
T. Lynn Ocean, Southern Fatality
John Leland, Why Kerouac Matters
Ben Kiernan, Blood and Soil
Dave Zeltserman, Bad Thoughts
Andromeda Romano-Lax, The Spanish Bow
Craig McDonald, Head Games
Parnell Hall, Hitman
Eric Stone, Grave Imports
Mark Billingham, Buried
James R. Gaines, For Liberty And Glory
Colin Cotterill, Anarchy and Old Dogs
Suzanne Kingsmill, Forever Dead
Eduardo Velásquez, A Consumer’s Guide to the Apocalypse
Bridget J. M. Stutchbury, Silence of the Songbirds
Charles Griswold, Forgiveness: A Philosophical Exploration
Michelle Gagnon, The Tunnels
Dave White, When One Man Dies
Stephen Mihm, A Nation of Counterfeiters
Patricia Wood, Lottery
David Hewson, The Seventh Sacrament
Jane Fallon, Getting Rid of Matthew
Thomas I. White, In Defense of Dolphins
Charles Finch, A Beautiful Blue Death
Susan Diamond, What Goes Around
J.A. Jance, Justice Denied
Alex von Tunzelmann, Indian Summer
Humphrey Hawksley, The History Book
Lesley Chamberlain, Lenin's Private War
Wesley Stace, by George
Charles Cumming, A Spy By Nature
Philippe Legrain, Immigrants: Your Country Needs Them
Timothy Hallinan, A Nail Through the Heart
Matt Bai, The Argument
David Anthony Durham, Acacia
Jeff Abbott, Fear
Ted Kerasote, Merle's Door
Dina Koutas Poch, I Heart My In-Laws
Lin Anderson, Dark Flight
Brett Battles, The Cleaner
S.J. Rozan, In this Rain
Robert and Lee Dalzell, The House the Rockefellers Built
Michael Simon, The Last Jew Standing
Lisa Jean Moore, Sperm Counts
Peter Behrens, The Law of Dreams
Jacquelyn Mitchard, Still Summer
Hanna Diamond, Fleeing Hitler
Mitch Silver, In Secret Service
Anthony Doerr, Four Seasons in Rome
Jeffrey N. Wasserstrom, China's Brave New World
Paul LaRosa, Nightmare in Napa
Joanna Kavenna, Inglorious
James Lee Burke, The Tin Roof Blowdown
Alafair Burke, Dead Connection
J.D. Rhoades, Safe and Sound
Shannon Hale, Austenland
James Raven, The Business of Books
Oliver August, Inside the Red Mansion
Stephanie Hale, Revenge of the Homecoming Queen
Thomas Perry, Silence
Anthony Flacco, The Last Nightingale
Joshua Kurlantzick, Charm Offensive
John Twelve Hawks, The Dark River
Peter Mandler, The English National Character
Nancy Pickard, The Virgin of Small Plains
Peg Boyers, Honey with Tobacco
Richard K. Morgan, Thirteen
Jane K. Cleland, Deadly Appraisal
Jim Tomlinson, Things Kept, Things Left Behind
Craig Johnson, Kindness Goes Unpunished
David Sloan Wilson, Evolution for Everyone
John Rickards, The Darkness Inside
Susan Shirk, China: Fragile Superpower
Peter Abrahams, Nerve Damage
Ron Carlson, Five Skies
Ron Currie, Jr., God Is Dead
Patricia Smiley, Short Change
Joe Bageant, Deer Hunting with Jesus
Michael Boylan, The Extinction of Desire
Steve Mosby, The 50/50 Killer
Terry L. Leap, Dishonest Dollars
Robert Ellis, City of Fire
Ian Shapiro, Containment
Robert Gregory Browne, Kiss Her Goodbye
Elizabeth McKenzie, MacGregor Tells the World
Ned Vizzini, It's Kind of A Funny Story
Kelley Armstrong, No Humans Involved
Patricia Gussin, Shadow of Death
Tara McKelvey, Monstering
Maureen Child, More Than Fiends
Brent Ghelfi, Volk's Game
Allan Guthrie, Hard Man
Leslie Schnur, Late Night Talking
Richard Thompson Ford, Racial Culture
Laurel Dewy, Protector
Marcus Noland & Howard Pack, The Arab Economies in a Changing World
Bill Bryan, Keep it Real
Erika Schickel, You're Not the Boss of Me
Mark Haskell Smith, Salty
W. Lance Bennett et al, When the Press Fails
Eric B. Martin, The Virgin's Guide to Mexico
Rhonda Pollero, Knock Off
Sophie Hannah, Hurting Distance
Lev Raphael, Hot Rocks
Ben Dolnick, Zoology
Simon Wood, Accidents Waiting to Happen
Tom Gabbay, The Lisbon Crossing
Thomas K. McCraw, Prophet of Innovation
George Kateb, Patriotism and Other Mistakes
Cordelia Frances Biddle, The Conjurer
Harold J. Cook, Matters of Exchange
Daria Snadowsky, Anatomy of a Boyfriend
Alex Berenson, The Faithful Spy
Daniel Tobin, The Narrows
Angus McLaren, Impotence
Tara Ison, The List
Lori Bryant-Woolridge, Weapons of Mass Seduction
Susan Hahn, The Scarlet Ibis
Katherine Min, Secondhand World
Chris Mooney, The Missing
Lynn Hunt, Inventing Human Rights
Gowan Dawson, Darwin, Literature and Victorian Respectability
Ashna Graves, Death Pans Out
Jennifer McMahon, Promise Not to Tell
Kate Bernheimer, The Complete Tales of Merry Gold
Joseph Crespino, In Search of Another Country
Judith Kelman, The First Stone
David Armitage, The Declaration of Independence
Helen Epstein, The Invisible Cure
Michele Morano, Grammar Lessons
L. Light & Meredith Anthony, Ladykiller
Timothy Henderson, A Glorious Defeat
Kate Pepper, Here She Lies
L.C. Hayden, Why Casey Had To Die
Eric Paul Shaffer, Lāhaina Noon
Ravi Batra, The New Golden Age
Bill Cameron, Lost Dog
Steven Landsburg, More Sex is Safer Sex
Patrick Griffin, American Leviathan
Susan Coll, Acceptance
Hailey Lind, Shooting Gallery
John Haskell, American Purgatorio
Dan Gilgoff, The Jesus Machine
Sanford Levinson, Our Undemocratic Constitution
Michael Prescott, Final Sins
Hanne Blank, Virgin
Kim Garcia, Madonna Magdalene
James Cañón, Tales from the Town of Widows
Alex Scarrow, A Thousand Suns
Jack Getze, Big Numbers
David Wellington, Monster Nation
Sarah Langan, The Keeper
Kevin Shay, The End As I Know It
Ann Cummins, Yellowcake
Penni Russon, Breathe
Ray Banks, The Big Blind
Kristy Kiernan, Catching Genius
Mohsin Hamid, The Reluctant Fundamentalist
Charlie Huston, No Dominion
Chip Heath and Dan Heath, Made to Stick
Sandra Parshall, Disturbing the Dead
Jon Clinch, Finn
Steve Hockensmith, On the Wrong Track
Allen Wyler, Dead Head
Stephan Haggard and Marcus Noland, Famine in North Korea
Robert Fate, Baby Shark
Erin Torneo and Valerie Cabrera Krause, The Bridal Wave
Louise Penny, Still Life
Joe Lansdale, Lost Echoes
Victor Gischler, Shotgun Opera
György Buzsáki, Rhythms of the Brain
Stanley Alpert, The Birthday Party
Catherine Ryan Hyde, The Year of My Miraculous Reappearance
Stephen Hinshaw, The Mark of Shame
Sara Miles, Take This Bread
Gayle Brandeis, Self Storage
Andrea MacPherson, Beyond the Blue
Gregg Easterbrook, The Progress Paradox
Bill McKibben, Deep Economy
Whitney Gaskell, Testing Kate
Scott Page, The Difference
Tom McCarthy, Remainder
Jeffrey Cohen, As Dog Is My Witness
Philip Kitcher, Living with Darwin
Michael Smith, Killer Elite
Elisabeth Ladenson, Dirt for Art's Sake
Joe Conason, It Can Happen Here
Diane Coyle, The Soulful Science
Peter Ho Davies, The Welsh Girl
Edward Humes, Monkey Girl
Susan Cheever, American Bloomsbury
Matt Benyon Rees, The Collaborator of Bethlehem
Michael Kun, Corrections to My Memoirs
Sam Reaves, Homicide 69
David Ebershoff, Pasadena
Rick Mofina, Every Fear
Linda Kaplan Thaler and Robin Koval, The Power of Nice
Jesse Kellerman, Trouble
Sharon Begley, Train Your Mind, Change Your Brain
David Shenk, The Immortal Game
Matthew Warshauer, Andrew Jackson and the Politics of Martial Law

John Nadler, A Perfect Hell
David Lehman, When a Woman Loves a Man
Gary Krist, The White Cascade
Vicki Lane, Art's Blood
David Silbey, A War of Frontier and Empire
Peggy Orenstein, Waiting for Daisy
Daveed Gartenstein-Ross, My Year Inside Radical Islam
Mark Coggins, Candy from Strangers
Arthur Allen, Vaccine
Beth Ann Fennelly, Great with Child
Kenneth Gross, Shylock Is Shakespeare
Trinie Dalton, Wide Eyed
Barbara J. King, Evolving God
Patrick Anderson, The Triumph of the Thriller
Linda R. Hirshman, Get to Work
Lynne Tillman, American Genius, A Comedy
Patrick Radden Keefe, Chatter
Dana Stabenow, A Deeper Sleep
Siobhan Roberts, King of Infinite Space
Erin McKean, That's Amore!
Michael Lowenthal, Charity Girl
Niraj Kapur, Heaven's Delight
Keith Dixon, The Art of Losing
David Edgerton, The Shock of the Old
Mary Sharratt, The Vanishing Point
David Fulmer, The Dying Crapshooter's Blues
Anya Ulinich, Petropolis
Jagdish Bhagwati, In Defense of Globalization
Olen Steinhauer, Liberation Movements
Andrei Markovits, Uncouth Nation
Julie Kistler, Scandal
Robert Ward, Four Kinds of Rain
Tim Harford, The Undercover Economist
William Landay, The Strangler
Kate Holden, In My Skin
Brian Wansick, Mindless Eating
Noria Jablonski, Human Oddities
Ruth Scurr, Fatal Purity
Neal Pollack, Alternadad
Bella DePaulo, Singled Out
Steve Hamilton, A Stolen Season
Eric Klinenberg, Fighting for Air
Donna Moore, ...Go to Helena Handbasket
Louis Bayard, The Pale Blue Eye
Neal Thompson, Riding with the Devil
Sherry Argov, Why Men Marry Bitches
P.J. Parrish, An Unquiet Grave
Tyler Knox, Kockroach
Andrew Rehfeld, The Concept of Constituency
Laura Wiess, Such a Pretty Girl
Jeremy Blachman, Anonymous Lawyer
Andrew Pyper, The Wildfire Season
Wendy Werris, An Alphabetical Life
Laura Lippman, What the Dead Know
Meghan Daum, The Quality of Life Report
Scott Reynolds Nelson, Steel Drivin' Man
Richard Aleas, Little Girl Lost
Paul Collins, The Trouble With Tom
John McFetridge, Dirty Sweet
Michael Kazin, A Godly Hero
Bill Crider, Murder Among the OWLS
Zachary Shore, Breeding Bin Ladens
Rolf Potts, Vagabonding
Matt Haig, The Dead Fathers Club
Lawrence Light, Fear & Greed
Simon Read, In The Dark
Sandra Ruttan, Suspicious Circumstances
Henry Ansgar Kelly, Satan: A Biography
Alison Gaylin, You Kill Me
Gayle Lynds, The Last Spymaster
Jim Lehrer, The Phony Marine
Julie Phillips, James Tiptree, Jr.
Debra Ginsberg, Blind Submission
Sarah Katherine Lewis, Indecent
Peter Orner, The Second Coming of Mavala Shikongo
William Easterly, The White Man's Burden
Danielle Trussoni, Falling Through the Earth
Andrew Blechman, Pigeons
Anne Perry, A Christmas Secret
Elaine Showalter, Faculty Towers
Kat Richardson, Greywalker
Michael Bess, Choices Under Fire
Masha Hamilton, The Camel Bookmobile
Alex Beam, Gracefully Insane
Nicholas Lemann, Redemption
Jason Sokol, There Goes My Everything
Wendy Steiner, Venus in Exile
Josh Chafetz, Democracy’s Privileged Few
Anne Frasier, Pale Immortal
Michael Lewis, The Blind Side
David A. Bell, The First Total War
Brett Ellen Block, The Lightning Rule
Rosanna Hertz, Single by Chance, Mothers by Choice
Jason Starr, Lights Out
Robert Vitalis, America's Kingdom
Stephen Elliott, My Girlfriend Comes To The City And Beats Me Up
Colin McGinn, The Power of Movies
Sean Chercover, Big City, Bad Blood
Sigrid Nunez, The Last of Her Kind
Stanley Fish, How Milton Works
James Longenbach, The Resistance to Poetry
Margaret Lowrie Robertson, Season of Betrayal
Sy Montgomery, The Good Good Pig
Allison Burnett, The House Beautiful
Stephanie Coontz, Marriage, A History
Ed Lynskey, The Dirt-Brown Derby
Cindy Dyson, And She Was
Simon Blackburn, Truth
Brian Freeman, Stripped
Alyson M. Cole, The Cult of True Victimhood
Jeff Biggers, In the Sierra Madre
Jeff Broadwater, George Mason, Forgotten Founder
Alicia Steimberg, Andrea Labinger (trans.), The Rainforest
Michael Grunwald, The Swamp
Darrin McMahon, Happiness: A History
Leo Braudy, From Chivalry to Terrorism
David Nasaw, Andrew Carnegie
Leah Hager Cohen, Train Go Sorry
Chris Grabenstein, Slay Ride
David Helvarg, Blue Frontier
Marina Warner, Phantasmagoria
Bill Crider, A Mammoth Murder
Robert W. Bennett, Taming the Electoral College
Nicholas Stern et al, Stern Review Report
Kerry Emanuel, Divine Wind
Adam Langer, The Washington Story
Michael Scott Moore, Too Much of Nothing
Frank Schaeffer, Baby Jack
Wyn Cooper, Postcards from the Interior
Ivan Goncharov, Oblomov
Maureen Ogle, Ambitious Brew
Cass Sunstein, Infotopia
Paul W. Kahn, Out of Eden
Paul Lewis, Cracking Up
Pagan Kennedy, Confessions of a Memory Eater
David Greenberg, Nixon's Shadow
Duane Swierczynski, The Wheelman
George Levine, Darwin Loves You
John Barlow, Intoxicated
Alicia Steimberg, The Rainforest
Alan Wolfe, Does American Democracy Still Work?
John Dickerson, On Her Trail
Marcus Sakey, The Blade Itself
Randy Boyagoda, Governor of the Northern Province
John Gittings, The Changing Face of China
Rachel Kadish, Tolstoy Lied
Eric Rauchway, Blessed Among Nations
Tim Brookes, Guitar and other books
Ruth Padel, Tigers in Red Weather
William Haywood Henderson, Augusta Locke
Jed Horne, Breach of Faith
Robert Greer, The Fourth Perspective
David Plotz, The Genius Factory
Michael Allen Dymmoch, White Tiger
Patrick Thaddeus Jackson, Civilizing the Enemy
Tom Lutz, Doing Nothing
Libby Fischer Hellmann, A Shot To Die For
Nelson Algren, The Man With the Golden Arm
Bob Harris, Prisoner of Trebekistan
Elaine Flinn, Deadly Collection
Louise Welsh, The Bullet Trick
Gregg Hurwitz, Last Shot
Martha Powers, Death Angel
N.M. Kelby, Whale Season
Mario Acevedo, The Nymphos of Rocky Flats
Dominic Smith, The Mercury Visions of Louis Daguerre
Simon Blackburn, Lust
Linda L. Richards, Calculated Loss
Kevin Guilfoile, Cast of Shadows
Ronlyn Domingue, The Mercy of Thin Air
Shari Caudron, Who Are You People?
Marisha Pessl, Special Topics in Calamity Physics
John Sutherland, How to Read a Novel
Steven Miles, Oath Betrayed
Alan Brown, Audrey Hepburn's Neck
Richard Dawkins, The Ancestor's Tale

--Marshal Zeringue