Sunday, January 15, 2023

"The Nightmare Man"

J. H. Markert is a producer, screenwriter, husband, and father of two from Louisville, Kentucky, where he was also a tennis pro for 25 years, before hanging up the racquets for good in 2020. He graduated with a degree in History from the University of Louisville in 1997 and has been writing ever since.

Markert applied the Page 69 Test to his new novel, The Nightmare Man, and reported the following:
From page 69:
Still parked outside the Bookmans’ house, Blue leafed through the pages of The Scarecrow and found the next murder in the book before even starting the car.

“Here it is.” She jabbed her fingernail into the page like a dagger. “Read it.”
On page 69 of The Nightmare Man, detectives Mills and Blue (Father and Daughter) sit in a car having just left questioning the horror writer Ben Bookman on a recent murder that mirrors one he’d written about in his most recent novel. The next victim in the novel is eerily similar to the character of Detective Mills, a widower and older man, and his daughter Detective Blue wants to make sure he understands the danger he might be in.

For this book, the Page 69 Test absolutely works! The browser should get an instant idea, as far as suspense and horror, of what the book is about.

It also happens to be about the time of a nice plot twist.
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