Sunday, May 8, 2022

"An Imperfect Plan"

Addison McKnight is the pen name for Nicole Moleti and Krista Wells. After over a decade of writing nonfiction, their common interests in women’s emotions and the cultural obsession with perfection sparked an idea for their debut novel, An Imperfect Plan. With six jobs and six children between them, they wrote their first book on Saturday nights and on the sidelines of their children’s games. They reside in West Hartford, Connecticut with their families.

The authors applied the Page 69 Test to An Imperfect Plan and reported the following:
Unbelievably, page 69 of An Imperfect Plan perfectly surmises the theme of the book.

An Imperfect Plan revolves around a woman who uses donor eggs to conceive her twin boys and doesn’t tell her husband. Greta O’Brien, a wealthy hedge-fund manager is forced to confront the making of her family when tragedy strikes her teenage sons.

The first sentence on page 69 of An Imperfect Plan is very telling. Readers will get a very accurate idea of the whole work as Greta shares her secret with her closest friend.

“He doesn’t know about the donor, and I am never telling him,” Great said, instantly regretting that she’d shared such a big secret with her friend.

The rest of the page is dialogue between Greta and her friend, Audrey, who tries to convince Greta to tell her husband such an important fact.

“It isn’t right” Audrey persisted.

Greta ultimately ignores her friend’s advice which leads to the twists and turns of Greta’s story of motherhood and a family that she built on lies. Greta’s story goes back and forth with Colette’s. Colette is the woman who at age 40 went back to have her frozen eggs implanted only to find that they were gone…without her consent, unbeknownst to her, she believes her ex-husband sold her frozen eggs. As the story unfolds, the two women’s lives intertwine and the reader is taken on a rollercoaster ride of twists and turns, ultimately ending with the truth setting both women free.
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--Marshal Zeringue