Monday, October 11, 2021

"Over the Falls"

Rebecca Hodge is an author of fiction, a veterinarian, and a clinical research scientist who lives and writes in North Carolina. Fiction writing is the space where her creative side comes out to play, and her writing centers on characters who discover that life is not a spectator sport. She has three grown sons, two crazy dogs, and one patient husband. When not busy writing, she loves hiking, travel, and (of course) curling up with a good book.

Hodge applied the Page 69 Test to her latest novel, Over the Falls, and reported the following:
Page 69:
I hated seeing him so sad, lonely, and depressed. I wanted to wave a wand and fix everything for him. None of that was in my power.

I pulled on a lying smile, opened the door, and leaned in. “Hey. There’s a cafĂ© down the street that’s supposed to have good burgers. Still hungry?”

He leaped to his feet, his chair rocking back so far it threatened to flip. “Yeah. Yes. Please.”

Hunger, I could fix. But his mom had left him, and the glimpses I was getting of her toxic life weren’t promising. Once we found Del and got her back, what sort of life would I be sending him home to?
To my surprise, this page 69 excerpt gives a very nice window into what Over the Falls is all about. The narrator here is Bryn Collins, and the fourteen-year-old boy she’s talking to in this passage is her nephew, Josh, who has come to Bryn seeking help finding his missing mother, Del.

Bryn has been estranged from her much-hated sister for years, and the last thing she wants to do is leave her isolated homestead to try and track Del down. Bryn has constructed a life without emotional entanglements—a life safe from betrayal—and agreeing to help her nephew carries risks.

But as she and Josh work together, traveling from Tennessee to the mountains of Colorado and facing threats from someone else who wants to find Del, Bryn finds herself increasingly connected to Josh and ultimately risks her life to save him. In this passage, Bryn believes she is powerless to help Josh. Over the Falls is the story of how she’s proven wrong.
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--Marshal Zeringue