Friday, May 14, 2021


Linda L. Richards is a journalist, photographer and the author of numerous books, including three series of novels featuring strong female protagonists. She is the former publisher of Self-Counsel Press and the founder and publisher of January Magazine.

Richards applied the Page 69 Test to her new novel, Endings, and reported the following:
Marshall McLuhan suggested it, so it must be true. And I love the challenge of it. Fitting the words into boxes. I bet he would have dug the concept.

And if we stay letter to the law, so to speak, for Endings, anyway, it comes out all right. McLuhan suggested that, if page 69 of a book spoke to you, you should read it. Page 69 of Endings gives away little of plot, but it does speak to spirit and intention. I’ll read you a bit right now:
“And what would I find if I were to Google you?”

“Nothing,” I say. “I am an enigma.”

One eyebrow shoots up, but he doesn’t say anything.

“A cipher,” I add. “It might be that I don’t exist at all.”

“A cipher. An enigma. Those are interesting ways to describe oneself. And, if that is the case, how is it that this cipheric—“

“I don’t think that’s a word.”

“—enigmatic woman should come into my life? What message does that bring?”

“That would be an arrogant way to frame things,” I say smiling brightly and hoping he doesn’t see how close to the mark he’s come.
There is more on page 69 of Endings, but it is not dissimilar to what I’ve shared here. It’s a moment. A snapshot of a whole. In fairness, also, it should be mentioned that, in this case, this snapshot from Endings was also part of “Terminal City" the award-winning short story included in Vancouver Noir. So on page 69 of Endings, we hit our narrating character with a bright light. We don’t learn much about the story, but we do get to see a piece of her spirit and her heart. By McLuhan’s reckoning, this might be enough to tell if you want to spend more time in her company. Or not.
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