Tuesday, April 13, 2021

"A Winning Betrayal"

Louise Guy has enjoyed working in marketing, recruitment and film production, all which have helped steer her towards her current, and most loved, role – writer.

Her passion for writing women's fiction is a result of her love of reading, writing and exploring women's emotions and relationships. Women succeeding through hard work, overcoming adversity or just by owning their choices and decisions is something to celebrate, and Guy loves the challenge of incorporating their strengths in these situations into fiction.

Originally from Melbourne, a trip around Australia led Guy and her husband to Queensland's stunning Sunshine Coast where they now live with their two sons, gorgeous fluff ball of a cat and an abundance of visiting wildlife - the kangaroos and wallabies the most welcome, the snakes the least.

Guy applied the Page 69 Test to her latest novel, A Winning Betrayaland reported the following:
Page 69 of A Winning Betrayal opens at the start of a scene where Shauna and Frankie have met for the first time. The story is told from a dual perspective, and while this page will not give the reader a feel for the entire story, it will provide them with an excellent sense of Frankie’s storyline.

Having shared a first division lotto win, the two women have been invited to the offices of Gold Power Lotteries to meet with a psychologist who provides advice and strategies on how to cope with this life-changing situation. We learn that Frankie is a reluctant winner, scared of the potential pitfalls of the win, and believes the money does not belong to her. Frankie shivered. This already confirmed that this money shouldn’t be theirs. Frankie’s husband explains to Shauna and the psychologist why Frankie is reluctant to accept the money. The ticket was brought with twenty dollars she found outside a newsagent so she believes the ticket belongs to whoever lost the money… The reader will get an appreciation of the type of person Frankie is from page 69. She struggles to embrace the money from the very start, and this struggle continues throughout the story.

In contrast, Shauna’s extroverted and opinionated personality shines through. She’s quick to voice her thoughts throughout the story, and this is highlighted on page 69 when she has an instant opinion on Frankie’s situation, even though they’ve only just met; Shauna snorted. ‘That’s nuts. The ticket belongs to you.’

Page 69 will leave the reader wondering whether Frankie’s concerns are valid and, if they are, what terrible circumstances may unfold due to this financial windfall.
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My Book, The Movie: A Winning Betrayal.

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