Thursday, November 19, 2020

"Northern Wrath"

Thilde Kold Holdt is a Viking, traveler and a polyglot fluent in Danish, French, English and Korean. As a writer, she is an avid researcher. This is how she first came to row for hours upon hours on a Viking warship. She loved the experience so much that she has sailed with the Viking longship the Sea Stallion ever since. Another research trip brought her to South Korea where she also learned the art of traditional Korean archery. Born in Denmark, Holdt has lived in many places and countries, taking a bit of each culture with her.

She applied the Page 69 Test to her new novel, Northern Wrath, the first book in The Hanged God Trilogy, and reported the following:
Should an eager reader flip open Northern Wrath and land on page 69, they would find only a few lines to digest. They would land at the end of a chapter and this particular chapter is from the point of view of a minor character in Northern Wrath. One might therefore assume that it would not be representative of the novel as a whole, and yet… On this very page, the reader would discover the heart of the initial conflict of the novel:
‘If there really were southerners this far north in Jutland, someone would have seen them and told us,’ a woman finally dismissed.

‘Someone, just did.’ Siv’s answer killed the laughter.
While page 69 might not yield the most extensive representation of what the book and its characters are like, it gets to the heart of the matter and presents the conflict integral to the story. Southerners are attacking, how will the villagers of Ash-hill respond to this threat?

On this short page we also get a glimpse of the temperament of two of our protagonists: Siv and Hilda. They both appear strong and decisive in the snippet.
Pontius bit his nails. They might ruin this, he thought, as he watched Siv chase after Hilda down the road. In their womanly stubbornness, they would bring on the destruction of Ash-Hill.
Many readers have noted that the women in Northern Wrath carry the story in more ways than one, and so, it is notable that the strength of two of the female protagonists is precisely the focus of page 69 of Northern Wrath.
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--Marshal Zeringue