Monday, September 2, 2019

"Blood of an Exile"

Brian Naslund had a brief stint in the New York publishing world but quickly defected to tech in Denver where he does internet marketing.

Naslund applied the Page 69 Test to his debut novel, Blood of an Exile, and reported the following:
As fate would have it, page 69 of Blood of an Exile is mostly comprised of a sex scene.

In terms of being representative of the book, that’s tricky. There are only two sex scenes in Blood of an Exile, so if you were to read this page and expect it to signal tons of steamy romps between the fantasy sheets, you’d be disappointed.

But, beyond the sex, this scene does encapsulate important aspects of the two main characters: Silas Bershad and Ashlyn Malgrave.

I actually can’t get into many details without introducing some spoilers, so I will say this: both of them are carrying large secrets—from each other and from the world—that are hinted at on this page. The secrets have major implications for the story, and by the end of Blood of an Exile, both of them have come to terms with the secrets, and burdens, they carry.

There are also a lot of things that this scene lacks in terms of representing the entire book. Among them: dragons, swords, a love and deep respect for nature and animals, and a band of misfits bullshitting by a campfire.
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My Book, The Movie: Blood of an Exile.

--Marshal Zeringue