Sunday, January 27, 2019

"The Break Line"

James Brabazon is an author, journalist, and documentary filmmaker. Based in the UK, he has traveled to more than seventy countries, investigating, filming, and directing in the world’s most hostile environments. He is the author of All Fall Down, The Break Line, and the international bestseller My Friend the Mercenary, a memoir recounting his experiences of the Liberian civil war and the Equatorial Guinea coup plot.

Brabazon applied the Page 69 Test to The Break Line and reported the following:
Well, it depends which edition we’re talking about… but in the US hardback, page 69 is where Max McLean meets his (occasionally reluctant) partner in crime Roberts… so although it might not be representative of the whole book, it’s one of the most important pages in the story!
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--Marshal Zeringue