Sunday, September 9, 2018

"Hunt The Lion"

Chad Zunker studied journalism at The University of Texas, where he was also on the football team. He’s worked for some of the most powerful law firms in the country and invented baby products that are now sold all over the world. He has wanted to write full time since he took his first practice hit as a skinny freshman walk-on from a 6’5, 240 pound senior All-American safety — which crushed both him and his feeble NFL dreams. He lives in Austin with his wife, Katie, and their three daughters.

Zunker applied the Page 69 Test to his new novel, Hunt The Lion, and reported the following:
From page 69:
Behind her, she could hear a growing wave of screams catching up on her. The goateed man was probably running after her with his gun on full display. Who the hell was this guy? Who wanted her dead?
Hunt The Lion is the third book in my Sam Callahan series, each of which are fast-paced thrill rides that place my protagonists (Sam Callahan and his love, Natalie Foster) on the constant run. Page 69 accurately captures the relentless pace of the stories, as it finds Natalie racing through the streets of DC while being chased by a stocky man with a gun. Natalie, an investigative reporter, has just discovered a shocking CIA video of Sam standing in a room full of dead bodies in Moscow, when she thought he was on a standard business trip in London. Nothing is what it seems, which has Natalie questioning whether she really has a future with Sam. But first things first, she must stay alive!
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