Thursday, April 27, 2017

"Donut Go Breaking My Heart"

Suzanne Nelson has written several children's books, including Cake Pop Crush, You're Bacon Me Crazy!, Macarons at Midnight, Dead in the Water, The Sound of Munich, and Heart and Salsa.

She applied the Page 69 Test to her new novel, Donut Go Breaking My Heart, and reported the following:
I was happily surprised when I opened Donut Go Breaking My Heart to page 69, because--yes!--it happens to be one of the scenes I enjoyed writing the most in this book. In this scene my main character, Sheyda, attempts acting for the first time. She's a shy girl who prefers staying safely out of the spotlight, and here she's facing the daunting task of filming a movie with cute celebrity Cabe Sadler. Stage fright sets in, Sheyda flubs her lines and Cabe's name, and a series of mishaps ensue. What I love about this scene is how clearly it shows Sheyda's reluctance when it comes to acting. This is a predicament she never imagined finding herself in, and she's struggling. The scene takes place in Doughlicious, the donut shop where Sheyda's usually baking instead of acting. In fact, donut-making plays a big role in this scene! Reading on from page 69, readers will see Sheyda attempting to teach Cabe how to mix donut batter, and the catastrophes grow from there! In the midst of baking messes and camera bloopers, Sheyda and Cabe have their first chance at a real conversation, and readers have a first look at their budding friendship. Will the friendship blossom into romance? I donut want to give away the surprise (ha ha)! Turn the pages and read on to find out!
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--Marshal Zeringue