Wednesday, October 19, 2016


Upon her retirement in 2012 Jan Fedarcyk was the only woman to lead the FBI’s prestigious New York Office as Assistant Director in Charge. Fidelity, her first novel, draws upon her twenty-five years of experience as an FBI Special Agent.

Fedarcyk applied the Page 69 Test to Fidelity and reported the following:
On page 69 we see Kay Malloy having brunch with her beloved Auntie, Justyna Dabrowska Alvaro-Nunez. We see Kay’s curiosity in her parents’ past and Justyna searching her memory for old and faded recollections. Kay is synthesizing what she is hearing with what she knows from her Bureau experience, but she is trying to put the pieces of a puzzle together without the cover of the box. Why is she questioning something that happened 30 years ago? The reader gets a sense that completing the puzzle is important to Kay to understand her past and at this point the curious reader will want to know what that information will reveal. So, read on!
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My Book, The Movie: Fidelity.

--Marshal Zeringue