Friday, August 5, 2016

"I Shot the Buddha"

Born in London, Colin Cotterill has worked as teacher in Israel, Australia, the U.S. and Japan before he started training teachers in Thailand. Cotterill and his wife live in a small fishing village on the Gulf of Siam in Southern Thailand. He’s won the Dilys and a CWA Dagger, and has been a finalist for several other awards.

Cotterill applied the Page 69 Test to I Shot the Buddha, the latest Dr. Siri Paiboun mystery, and reported the following:
From page 69:
Buses came and went. Aggressive coach boys old and young leaned from the door to solicit passengers. Resting drivers played checkers with bottle tops and drank syrupy caffeine drinks. Ragged dogs came to sniff Ugly then went on their way.

“Right then,” said Siri.

“If this isn’t a fine basket of winkles,” said Daeng.

“I suppose technically we didn’t fail,” said Siri.

“Didn’t quite manage the handover though, did we? If only the lily-white soldiers had been here on time they’d have offloaded him from the bus and we’d be on our way.”

A reversing bus ran over a bicycle. Both the driver and the owner of the crumpled wreck laughed away their embarrassment.

“So you think we’re still responsible for him?” Siri asked.

“No question about it.”


“What do we do now?” asked Daeng.
Once again the old page 69 trick turns up another mystery. This one is made for the movie trailer. Dr. Siri and his wife Daeng are alone at a bus station in Thailand and they’ve lost their charge. Not only are the Lao travelling illegally in a foreign country but they’ve also failed in a mission entrusted them by a kidnapped monk. Their decision to take up the manhunt leads them into a frightening trip to a village haunted by the malevolent spirits of the forest and a number of unexplainable deaths. I Shot the Buddha with its three tangled mysteries looks at the conflicts that arise between the three isms: Buddhism, Animism and Communism.
Learn more about the book and author at Colin Cotterill's website.

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