Wednesday, February 17, 2016

"Violent Crimes"

Former trial attorney Phillip Margolin has been writing full-time since 1996. Most of his many novels have been New York Times bestsellers.

He applied the Page 69 Test to his new novel, Violent Crimes, and reported the following:
Unfortunately, page 69 of Violent Crimes is at the end of a chapter and only has five lines and one short paragraph. It does, however, end an important chapter. In Violent Crimes Amanda Jaffe is hired to represent a returned veteran who is charged with assault growing out of a bar fight and who is referred to her by an old friend, Christine Larson, a lawyer in a huge law firm. Amanda has no trouble getting the case dismissed but she has more trouble helping Tom when Christine's bludgeoned body is found in his house. Evidence points to a set up. Then Dale Masterson, the senior partner in Christine's firm is also bludgeoned to death. Suspicion falls on Tom but Dale's crazy son, Brandon, is seen running from the Masterson estate covered in blood. When he walks into the police station and confesses, his mother hires Amanda to defend him. The case looks like a sure loser until Amanda starts to question the evidence.
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--Marshal Zeringue