Saturday, May 16, 2015

"The Memory Painter"

Originally from Houston, Texas, Gwendolyn Womack began writing plays in college while freezing in the tundra at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. She received an MFA from CalArts in Directing for theater and film and was a semi-finalist in the Academy’s Nicholl Fellowship. She currently she resides in California and can be found at her keyboard.

Womack applied the Page 69 Test to The Memory Painter, her first novel, and reported the following:
Well, this was a fun test. On page 69 of The Memory Painter our heroine, Linz, is talking to her father in a seemingly innocent exchange, but by the bottom of the page she lets two vital bits of information slip in their conversation: that she’s met an artist (Bryan Pierce) who has somehow painted the recurring dream that she’s suffered from her whole life—and that she’s also discovered the person in her dream really existed in history. These two revelations set a lot of things in motion for the story, so I’d say page 69 is holding up quite nicely.

The reality is Bryan has painted a lot of dreams and all the people have lived in history, but Linz discovering those two truths about her dream will form the bridge that draws her into Bryan’s world and solidifies their bond. So page 69 does touch on the crux of the story and represents to an extent what happens in the book.
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