Monday, February 2, 2015

"Monday's Lie"

Jamie Mason was born in Oklahoma City, but grew up in Washington, DC. She’s most often reading and writing, but in the life left over, she enjoys films, Formula 1 racing, football, traveling, and, conversely, staying at home.

Mason applied the Page 69 Test to her new novel, Monday's Lie, and reported the following:
I was so excited to take The Page 69 Test to see what I could pull from a random excerpt, but alas, there’s not much at all on page 69 of Monday’s Lie. It’s the end of a chapter and only a few lines ended up on page 69. Dee’s brother, Simon, is steering the conversation with his brother-in-law, Patrick, back onto its happy tracks after a little episode. The siblings’ hyper-tuned skills of observation spur them to intervene in the outcome of a burglary. By page 69, it’s all over but the crying. Patrick disapproves and Simon smoothes it over.

“Patrick gave over to smiling, his resistance and bother over what had just happened was helpless in the full shine of my brother’s charm.”

Now if you’d asked me about 169, well, there’s a big fight on 169 that’s bubbling with reveal and intensity and a slip up that might very well push the whole works off the cliff, teetering, tipping, don’t say it Dee… but you didn’t ask about page 169.
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--Marshal Zeringue