Tuesday, September 2, 2014

"The Alliance"

Shannon Stoker has been writing her entire life. She decided to give writing a serious try after her husband bought her a small dog as a birthday gift. Nucky stole her heart immediately and she wanted a job that provided more flexibility to stay with him.

When she’s not writing Stoker enjoys watching an insane amount of television shows as well as horror movies. She got a little taste of television herself when she competed on an episode of TLC’s Four Weddings. You can catch her episode in replays on the channel. Her latest book is The Alliance: A Registry Novel.

Stoker was born in Clawson, Michigan and raised in Elgin, Illinois. She currently lives in DeKalb, Illinois with her husband Andy and small dog Nucky.

Stoker applied the Page 69 Test to The Alliance and reported the following:
From page 69:
“You did fabulous today,” Flo said. “May I come in?”

“Please,” Mia said.

The Prime Minister walked in and sat down on Mia’s bed.

“I am surprised nobody commented on my accent,” Mia said.

“I may have told them my guest suffered from a speech impediment and not to make note of it,” Flo said.

Mia laughed a little at Flo’s ingenuity.

“I have to say I think it is good enough to fool an American,” Flo said. “And everyone traveling with us tomorrow knows of our plans.”

“When I first arrived you said I would be part of those plans,” Mia said.

“And you will,” Flo said. “Right now there isn’t much to discuss. We land in America and we will be escorted across the country to the Capital. Then I will attend your husband’s wedding while the group breaks into the Mission and destroys the Registry. Then you will be broadcast on television and share your story with the world complete with proof you are who you say you are.”

“It doesn’t sound like I have much of an active role,” Mia said.

“You have complete discretion for whatever words you chose dear,” Flo said. “And what you say is the most critical part of all of this. Never underestimate the power of words. In the event we are unable to wipe out the Registry your words might still spark a rebellion. You are a leader Mia.”
On page 69 Mia is having a conversation with a new character, a sort of role model for her. She is being complimented but also kept out of plans still. I think this a great snapshot of the transition she is going through. In The Alliance her primary concern to herself is to have more of an active role in the choices that affect her.

The way that she backs down and accepts that she still doesn’t really have a say in what is going on is perfect for how her personality is at this point. I think she is still very eager to please. I really like how this snapshot sets up her character evolution.
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