Friday, July 25, 2014


M.D. Waters lives with her family in Maryland. She is the author of Archetype and its newly released sequel, Prototype.

Waters applied the Page 69 Test to both novels and reported the following:
Page 69 of Archetype really sets up the underlying issue within the pages. Dr. Travista explains to Emma that “Fertility is questionable with a majority of the female population, and because of your accident, we feared you would lose the ability to bear children.” And that’s just the top of the page.

He goes on to explain why, which were things I believe possible, and ultimately inspired the world I built. He blames it on Mother Nature trying to compensate for the overpopulation of our species. Add that to a time when families are already limiting the number of children, as well the use of science to make sure there were men to carry on the family name… Suddenly we have a shortage of women.

Page 69 of Prototype deals with an overall issue Emma faces throughout: her freedom. She’s just learned that a doctor who she should trust has run her genetic sequence even though she forbade it. Emma struggles throughout to regain her freedom, from physical to literally having a life in the world without fear. She wants the freedom to make her own choices, make her own way, and she’s prepared to fight for it.
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