Wednesday, June 11, 2014

"The Marathon Conspiracy"

Gary Corby is the author of the Athenian Mystery series, starring Nicolaos, his girlfriend Diotima, and his irritating twelve year old brother Socrates.

The books in order are The Pericles Commission, The Ionia Sanction, Sacred Games and The Marathon Conspiracy.

Corby applied the Page 69 Test to The Marathon Conspiracy and reported the following:
I’ve been invited very kindly to do the Page 69 Test for every book I’ve written. You’d think by now I would have learned to make sure there was something particularly exciting on page 69.

Page 69 of The Marathon Conspiracy sees Nico and Diotima interview a suspect. There’s a missing girl, named Ophelia. A man has been caught creeping around the school from which she disappeared. Is he responsible?

The man claims he’s also on a search for the girl. He then delivers an important new clue: that before she disappeared, Ophelia told him that her life was in danger. Whether or not any of these claims are true remains to be seen, but the information sets Nico and Diotima on a new path.

This is a good example of how the book runs. The scene is set at the Sanctuary of Artemis, which was a small temple complex just outside Athens. The sanctuary was the world’s first official school for girls and much of the action takes place there.

Nico is very much an old school detective (rather appropriately for someone living two thousand five hundred years ago.) His stories are always fair play, and he proceeds by evidence and interviews, connecting the dots and following the leads wherever they take him.

To learn Ophelia’s fate, read The Marathon Conspiracy.
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