Wednesday, December 4, 2013

"Real Vampires Know Size Matters"

Gerry Bartlett is the author of the Real Vampires series. She applied the Page 69 Test to Real Vampires Know Size Matters, the tenth book in the series, and reported the following:
I always love this test because it continues to surprise me how it turns out. In Real Vampires Know Size Matters, Gloriana St. Clair, my vampire with the figure issues, is struggling with several problems—she has a woman after her long-time lover and must mentor a newly turned vampire. On page 69, the new vampire, Sienna, a rock star, is finally figuring out that her life as she knows has just changed forever:
“I’ve always known my singing days are limited.” Sienna touched her wild hair and wrinkled her pierced nose. “Can you see this when I’m forty? Sixty? I’m not planning to be one of those geriatric rockers who doesn’t know when to call it quits.”

“You’ll never look geriatric now, Sienna,” I touched her shoulder. “But you’ll have to face a different issue with your looks later. When you don’t age.”
That seems like a simple scene and Sienna takes it pretty well at the time. But later we find out that she’s not content for vampires to stay in the shadows. This woman is used to the spotlight and figures being a vampire would be a great hook and gain her a whole new audience. When a hit man is hired to silence the out-of-control rocker, Glory must protect her fledgling and satisfy the angry vampire community.
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--Marshal Zeringue