Friday, February 1, 2013

"The Bracelet"

Roberta Gately, author of The Bracelet, has served as a nurse and humanitarian aid worker in war zones ranging from Afghanistan to Africa, about which she wrote a series of articles for the BBC World News Online. She is also the author of the novel Lipstick in Afghanistan.

Gately applied the Page 69 Test to The Bracelet and reported the following:
My second novel -- The Bracelet -- is the story of Abby Monroe, a young nurse determined to make her mark as a UN worker in one of the world's most unstable cities -- Peshawar, Pakistan. But her plans are disrupted when she witnesses the brutal murder of a woman thrown from a building in Geneva. Haunted by the memory of an intricate and sparkling bracelet that adorned the victim's wrist, Abby struggles to make a difference for the refugees and trafficking victims she meets. When the mysterious bracelet reappears, she and Nick must work together to unravel the mystery that threatens them both.

Page 69 of The Bracelet involves a discussion between Abby and Najeela, the UN administrator of the house where Abby lives. They are discussing Nick Sinclair, the arrogant New York Times reporter who's just arrived. They believe he's there to do a story on Abby as an American aid worker in one of the world's most turbulent and dangerous cities. Page 69 is a great segue to the rest of the story in that it showcases Abby and Nick's instant dislike for one another. Below is a small excerpt.
Najeela finally appeared at the house three days after Nick's last visit. "Have you seen the reporter?" she asked.

"I have," Abby replied, a frown on her lips.

"You don't much like him, Nick I mean, do you?" Najeela's fingers played with her necklace as she spoke.

"We seem to be like oil and water. There's just something about him," Abby said, shrugging her shoulders. "You're right though that we'll never be best friends."

Najeela touched Abby's shoulder. "Then if you don't like him, I won't like him either."

"I don't know if that's fair," Abby said laughing.

Najeela smiled. "Well that's what girlfriends do, I'm sure. Anyway, I think that you're in need of an outing, yes?" She paused, waiting for Abby to respond.
I hope that the tiny excerpt above and the story behind the story in The Bracelet -- the misery of human trafficking -- will convince you to have a read of my latest novel.
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