Thursday, December 6, 2012

"Jail Coach"

In Jail Coach, Jay Davidovich is an insurance apparatchik tasked to prevent losses that Trans/Oxana has insured against – especially losses that unpleasant people want to happen. After Hollywood pretty boy Kent Trowbridge plays late-night bumper-car in his Ferrari with two palm trees and a median in New Paradigm Studios, which bought an eight-figure Trans/Oxana policy insuring performance of Trowbridge’s Major Performing Artist Contract, Davidovich goes to work. He quickly realizes that Trowbridge is going to do some county time, and figures that Trowbridge won’t be in shape to perform anything once he gets out unless Davidovich finds him a Jail Coach. Enter Katrina Thompson whose past includes jail, the Marines, a daughter, and a hustler named Stan Chaladian.

Author Hillary Bell Locke applied the Page 69 Test to Jail Coach and reported the following:
In the middle of a publicity tour Trowbridge learns that his entourage is short one jail coach when Thompson disappears. By this point Trowbridge has fallen for her so her abrupt exit sends him into a funk that threatens the rest of the tour -- which could trigger the insurance policy loss Davidovich is being paid to prevent. He promises to find Thompson and bring her to Trowbridge at the last city on the tour if Trowbridge will soldier on. How will Davidovich bring that off? That answer starts on page 70.
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My Book, The Movie: Jail Coach.

--Marshal Zeringue