Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"Foul Play at the Fair"

Shelley Freydont is the author of the Katie McDonald and Lindy Haggerty mystery series, and the Liv Montgomery, Celebration Bay Festival Mysteries.

She applied the Page 69 Test to Foul Play at the Fair, the first Celebration Bay Festival mystery, and reported the following:
Amateur sleuth mysteries, sometimes known as cozies are just that. They involve not just victim, murderer and sleuth but a whole cast of characters, friends, neighbors, family, who take part in the story. It’s one of the things readers like about cozy mysteries. That small town feel where everyone who isn’t “fer” you is “agin” you.

When murder strikes my small destination town of Celebration Bay, all eyes turn to Liv Montgomery, the new town event coordinator just arrived from Manhattan. They think, being from the big city, she’ll know what to do to find the killer. But also because she’s from the big city, they’re not quite sure about trusting her with their future. It makes for a lot of fun for us and headaches for Liv.

Here’s a bit of Page 69 of Foul Play at the Fair between Liv and her assistant Ted.
“Mayor Worley’s called a trustee meeting this morning at ten. You and I are invited.”

Liv closed her eyes. “Any particular reason?”

Ted took the cups and pastry from her. “He’s in a panic. Afraid he won’t be reelected if he gets the reputation of being soft on crime.”

“It just happened two nights ago.”

“I know and I don’t know why he’s worried. He’s been the only candidate for the last twelve years. It’s not like anybody else is dying for the job.”

“Does Bill have any leads yet?”

“I wouldn’t know.”

They sat down at the desk. Ted turned the coffee cake over and wrinkled his nose. “Dolly seems off her game this morning.” He held up the burnt bottom.

“She was definitely upset. She asked me if it were true. I told her yes. Then Fred came in while I was there and she got more upset.”
Although there’s no nail biting action here, (there’s quite a bit in the book), this is indicative of how Liv’s investigation is tied up with the other residents. It takes a village with all its quirky characters and a good amount of crafts and bakery delights to see their way clear.
Learn more about the book and author at Shelley Freydont's website.

--Marshal Zeringue