Wednesday, August 22, 2012

"Last Lawyer Standing"

Douglas Corleone is a former New York City defense attorney and winner of the Mystery Writers of America/Minotaur Books First Crime Novel Competition for One Man's Paradise. His second novel, Night on Fire, came out in 2011.

Corleone applied the Page 69 Test to his latest novel, Last Lawyer Standing, and reported the following:
Taking the Page 69 Test is one of my favorite things about releasing a new novel – and that’s why I’m so pleased to report that Last Lawyer Standing receives a passing grade.

The first full paragraph on Page 69 represents the novel perfectly; in fact, Page 69 is representative of the entire series:
The mere mention of [Assistant US Attorney] Boyd’s name caused me to deflate, to think of the last lawyer to truly get under my skin: a young state prosecutor named Luke Maddox. Maddox had made the Erin Simms trial personal, and somehow every matter I’d handled since felt the same way. That feeling could destroy a trial lawyer, could burn him into nothingness at a young age.
This book and the two that preceded it are very much about Kevin Corvelli’s human responses to his professional life as a high-profile criminal defense attorney. Kevin initially fled New York City following the death of an innocent client. Over the next three years, every major criminal case Kevin took on in Hawaii represented another shot at personal and professional redemption. In Last Lawyer Standing, Kevin Corvelli is afforded the ultimate shot at redemption and faced with the greatest challenge of his career. Leaving us with the question: Will Kevin Corvelli risk everything to win an acquittal for Turi Ahina, the career criminal who once put himself on the line in order to save Kevin’s life?
Learn more about the book and author at Douglas Corleone's website and blog.

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