Sunday, July 8, 2012

"The Stolen Chalice"

Kitty Pilgrim worked as a CNN correspondent and news anchor for 24 years. As a New York-based reporter her normal beat included politics and economics but her assignments also have taken her around the world – Russia, China, Venezuela, Cuba, the Middle East, Korea and South Africa. Pilgrim anchored her own CNN morning show, Early Edition in 1998-1999 and was anchor for prime time broadcasts at CNN from 2001-2010. Pilgrim is the recipient of an Overseas Press Club Award, a Peabody Award, an Emmy, and New York Society of Black Journalists Award. She is a member of the prestigious Council on Foreign Relations and the Explorer’s Club of New York.

Pilgrim applied the Page 69 Test to The Stolen Chalice, the latest book featuring archaeologist John Sinclair, and reported the following:
In The Stolen Chalice by page 69 we are well into the thriller aspect of the plot. At a glamorous gala at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, we have already met Lady Xandra Sommerset. (Or Lady X as the tabloid press call her) She is a fabulously wealthy British aristocrat who is very beautiful and a little eccentric. She has a bad case of Egyptomania, and covets the priceless artifacts that come from that ancient culture. The scene opens at her suite at the Carlyle Hotel in New York where she is gloating over the priceless objects that are now arrayed on her bed - all stolen. She is getting ready to board her fabulous yacht - a 200 foot Fedship, The Khamsin which is docked in lower Manhattan.

This is the beginning of an around-the-world chase that is the lynchpin of all of my novels. In my first book, The Explorer's Code, and now in The Stolen Chalice, the reader is always treated to a beautiful international voyage filled with luxury, mystery and intrigue. The Stolen Chalice begins in New York, goes on to London, Scotland, Venice and ultimately Egypt. All the characters travel in high style, by yacht, private jet.

The Stolen Chalice is a total fantasy world in which the reader abandons their daily cares and lives the life of great luxury. I write escapist thrillers for people who want to relax, enjoy an interesting plot and learn about new places. By the time the reader hits page 69 they have already been to a gala, a fabulous New York Penthouse, a film director's cocktail party in Tribecca, and have met the hero of the book, the dashing and elegant John Sinclair. By page 69 you are spoiled by glamour and luxury. I dare you to put it down!
Learn more about the book and author at Kitty Pilgrim's website.

My Book, The Movie: The Stolen Chalice.

--Marshal Zeringue