Sunday, April 22, 2012

"A Deeper Darkness"

J.T. Ellison is the international award-winning author of eight critically acclaimed novels and multiple short stories.

She applied the Page 69 Test to A Deeper Darkness, her first novel featuring medical examiner Samantha Owens, and reported the following:
Sometimes, it’s the supporting cast who makes a book complete. In A Deeper Darkness, that happens on Page 69, where Detective Darren Fletcher steals the show, as he is wont to do. Fletch is a dark character, prone to melancholy, a cop who’s seen too much, made too many mistakes, and just wants out. He’s also rather interested in Dr. Samantha Owens, and she is drawn to him as well. They mirror each other’s hurt, though they are most likely destined to be friends. On page 69 of A Deeper Darkness, Fletch and his partner, Lonnie Hart, are on their way to do a notification, a terrible experience for all cops. He’s thinking of his own lost family, alive, but strangers to him. This exchange is truly indicative of the partner’s dynamic. It is from Fletcher’s point of view, and speaks loads about the characters.
His ex wouldn’t speak to him outside of the grunted hello if they accidentally saw each other during their infrequent child exchanges. And now that Tad could drive, Felicia never came near him. She hated him with a passion.

Maybe it was for the best. Maybe Felicia was right—he was poison. He wasn’t a good man. Good men didn’t cheat on their wives and stay out late with strangers. Good men didn’t drink too much scotch and lose interest in their chosen career paths. Good men didn’t—

“Earth to Fletch.”

He glanced to his right, where Hart was pointing to the light. “Buddy, light’s green. Has been. Where the hell were you?”


“Ah. Enough said. Let the self-flagellation continue. I’ll stay quiet.”

He flipped Hart the bird. “Sit and spin.”

Hart did his best breathy Marilyn. “Oh, Daddy, can I?”

They both started to laugh. Count on Hart to drag his ass back from the doldrums. He really needed to think about taking that prescription the station shrink gave him at his last annual evaluation.

“Sorry, man. I’m just tired.”

“Join the club. I think that’s it on the right.”
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--Marshal Zeringue