Monday, January 30, 2012

"The Exterminators"

Bill Fitzhugh is a writer. He’s published novels and short stories, has written television and film scripts, and he writes, produces, and hosts a show on the Deep Track Channel of Sirius-XM Satellite radio.

He applied the Page 69 Test to his latest novel, The Exterminators, and reported the following:
Hmmmm. Hard to put myself in everyone or anyone else's head. Page 69 of The Exterminators is early in the introduction of one of the assassins who is on his way to find and kill Bob Dillon and Klaus. What follows is (in my opinion) very funny, but what's on page 69 is strictly set-up to the funny around the corner. That's in the nature of writing a comedy, be it a screenplay or a novel. You have to have moments of calm and normalcy followed by something wild and or abnormal. If everything that happens is way up here, you get exhausted. You need the roller coaster of reality and the absurd. Up and down….
Learn more about the book and author at Bill Fitzhugh's website.

--Marshal Zeringue