Wednesday, March 10, 2010

"Werewolf Smackdown"

Mario Acevedo is the bestselling author of The Nymphos of Rocky Flats, X-Rated Bloodsuckers, The Undead Kama Sutra, and Jailbait Zombie.

He applied the Page 69 Test to Werewolf Smackdown, the fifth volume in his satirical supernatural series, and reported the following:
Vampire-detective Felix Gomez goes to Charleston, SC for an assignment that traps him between rival clans of werewolves. Like all vampires, Felix had stayed clear of lycanthropes, because clashes between them could inflame a war that would threaten the supernatural world. Felix learns that the ferocious, double-crossing werewolves of Charleston have done very well for themselves.

Page 69 excerpt:
The terrace was made of hexagonal slabs of terracotta flagstone bordered with concrete planters and benches. The terrace looked over a garden that sloped to a lawn the size of a football field. An S-76 helicopter, sleek as a torpedo, sat on a concrete pad in the center of the lawn. A man in a blue flight suit stood beside the open cargo door of the helicopter.

A path of square paving stones snaked from a porch on my left at the opposite side of the house. The stones led to the helicopter pad and continued through a line of magnolia and cypress trees that separated the lawn from a flat muddy beach. The path ended at a long, narrow pier extending from the beach into Charleston harbor. Speedboats and a yacht, a sixty-footer I guessed, were moored to the pier.

Something bothered me.

Everything seemed new. Not brand new but the mansion and grounds looked recent, unlike similar buildings in Charleston that dated back centuries.

Along the northern boundary, a wall of dense shrubs and trees masked the view of the neighbors and in turn, kept them from looking in. I got the impression that Calhoun and his patroness, the late Inga Latrall, despite her promise at keeping the Lowcountry pristine, didn’t hesitate at bulldozing the locals out of the way and carving out a place for this mansion.

What the werewolves wanted, they took.
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--Marshal Zeringue