Saturday, November 7, 2009

"Stuff to Spy For"

Don Bruns is a musician, songwriter, advertising executive, and award-winning novelist. His "Stuff" series includes Stuff to Die For and Stuff Dreams Are Made Of.

He applied the Page 69 Test to the latest book in the series, Stuff to Spy For, and reported the following:
I just read page 69, from Stuff to Spy For. It's a defining page. Skip and James (24 year old lifelong friends) are talking about going into the spy business. Skip is a little less than enthusiastic, but on page 69 they are discussing a financially lucrative offer, and Skip remembers his love for the Hardy Boys, James Bond, and all the spy gadgets. It won't take another page for Skip to say yes. A terrible decision, but funny none the less.

"Spy stuff, Skip. And we can use the truck. People will think it's a service truck, but we can stock it with the spy stuff."

"You're crazy. Do you remember the Bond movie where Q was showing Bond some missiles that shot from the headlights on his car?"

"Come on man. You're talking to the king of movie quotes. Q looks at Bond and says, 'Need I remind you, 007, you're licensed to kill, not break traffic laws.'" His British accent was almost perfect.

"I'm telling you, James, this is not a good idea."

Would I buy the book based on page 69? Would I read on? I would.
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--Marshal Zeringue