Tuesday, October 27, 2009

"The Christmas Secret"

Donna VanLiere is the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of Finding Grace, The Christmas Hope series, and Angels of Morgan Hill.

She applied the Page 69 Test to The Christmas Secret, her latest novel, and reported the following:
The Christmas Secret has just been released and it’s the fifth novel in The Christmas Hope series. I write each of the novels to be stand-alone books so there’s no pressure for the reader to read the first four books in order to understand the fifth! The Christmas Secret is about a young, single mother named Christine who works hard as a waitress to provide for her two children, Zach and Haley. When she helps an elderly woman in distress, Christine gets to work late (again) and is promptly fired. Marshall Wilson, the owner of Wilson’s Department Store is determined to find the young woman who saved the life of Judy, his most trusted employee and sets Jason, his out-of-work grandson out on that mission. It’s the last thing Jason wants but maybe just what he needs.

Two scenes play out on page 69. The top part of the page begins with Marshall Wilson, who is setting Jason out to help find the mysterious woman who saved Judy’s life. The bottom of the page features Christine and her two children who need to get to the bank to deposit Christine’s check before she starts bouncing checks. This page is indicative of her life and the cycle of survival she finds herself in time and again and offers a great glimpse into the plot of The Christmas Secret. Christine selflessly helped an older woman who needed someone and because of that act there are people who want to find her and thank her. There are enormous roadblocks in Christine’s path but it’s right there under that boulder in the road that Christine discovers one of life’s greatest gifts. I hope you enjoy her journey!
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--Marshal Zeringue