Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"The Cold Light of Mourning"

Elizabeth J. Duncan is the author of The Cold Light of Mourning, a traditional mystery. Here's what she has to say about Page 69:
You couldn't have picked a better page! In the run up to page 69, Meg Wynne Thompson, a posh bride about to marry a wealthy landowner's son, fails to return from her manicure on the morning of her wedding. The bridesmaids are in a flap, the groom and his party are in disbelief and nobody knows what to do. Guests have travelled from all parts of England to attend the nuptials in Llanelen, a small village in North Wales. Did she change her mind at the last minute? Or has something sinister happened?

On page 69, the rector rises to tell the wedding guests that as there is no bride, the ceremony cannot take place, and asks the wedding guests to leave the church.

The shocked stillness that had settled over the congregation was broken only by the heart-wrenching sound of sobbing coming from the front row. Meg Wynne's father, unused to performing small gestures of comfort but seeming to recognize that something was expected of him, put a stiff, reluctant arm around his weeping wife's shoulder.

From page 69, the mystery is on!
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--Marshal Zeringue