Thursday, October 23, 2008

"Final Exposure"

Steve Carlson has been a working actor and screenwriter for more than thirty years. In his varied career, he has been a series regular on General Hospital, Young and the Restless, and A New Day in Eden on Showtime. He has also guest-starred in hundreds of hours of television and starred or costarred in ten feature films. Steve has written feature films, television episodes, and books on working in acting. Last year he applied the Page 69 Test to his novel, Almost Graceland.

Now he has applied the Page 69 Test to his new novel, Final Exposure, and reported the following:
Most people want the world to be a little different, hopefully better, for their having lived. Sometimes murder comes along and snuffs out a life before those changes were made manifest.

That was the case in my mystery Final Exposure. David and Rebecca Collier were starting over. He was giving up being an attorney to be a writer and she was quitting the world of escrow to pursue her passion, photography. They had just purchased a little beach house and were as happy as two people could be.

... Until one day when a man came to the front door and shot Rebecca in the head.

David was also shot but would live… sort of.

David was devastated. Rebecca was his life. Who would want to kill her? Why? And why did someone still want David dead? Another attempt was made on his life before he even left the hospital. What did they think he knew?

Rebecca’s legacy never got left. She wasn’t given the time. David’s obsession with that fact took him into the world that got her killed. It was important. There had to be more of their love and lives than some old law cases and escrows.

For his own protection David was told to get out of town and lay low for a while. Page 69 picked up toward the end of this exile where David was realizing it wasn’t working. He needed to do something, to be involved.

“… he also made another promise; this one to himself but with all the depth and intensity he could muster. The killer of Rebecca would be caught. He would not get away with it. To have Rebecca dead and her killer walking around was unacceptable. That would not happen.”

David had no idea what he was walking into… as he found out, he realized his life would never be the same again.
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--Marshal Zeringue