Wednesday, August 13, 2008

"Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine"

Ben Tanzer is the spokesperson for This Blog Will Change Your Life and author of Lucky Man.

He applied the Page 69 Test to his new novel, Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine, and reported the following:
If one were to open Most Likely You Go Your Way and I’ll Go Mine to page 69 would they find it representative of the rest of the book? And would a reader skimming that page be inclined to read on? Well that depends, do you ever skim novels looking for the sex scenes like I do? I mean like I’ve heard people do? Because this chapter is all about sex, sex as part of a new relationship, sex as a transaction and even as manipulation. Is it graphic, slightly, but is it also sexy sex, and fun to read? I think so. Does this make you want to read more? I hope so, sex sells right? Still, I don’t think that’s all the book is about. What it’s about is my interest in exploring how a couple comes together quickly, in this case Geoff and Jen, how they implode just as quickly and then maybe, possibly how they try to come together again. More than that though, it’s using such a relationship as a vehicle for riffing on a variety of themes I find interesting - New York City in the early nineties, a version of it any way, fractured families, porn, compulsions, literature, cynicism, fathers and sons, siblings, pop culture and shooting pool - some of which readers of my first novel Lucky Man may associate with my writing - which by the way I invite people to buy as well, and as many copies as they want at that. The reader will also more specifically get to learn my thoughts on break-ups, rebound dates, Matt Dillon, Judy Blume, Dallas’ clear superiority over Knots Landing, Tony Danza’s rightful status as America’s greatest living entertainer and Fun Dip. Oh yes, and there will be sex, did I mention that, you the reader will definitely get some sex, and that’s good, yes? I think it is.
Learn more about the author and his work at Ben Tanzer's MySpace page and This Blog Will Change Your Life.

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--Marshal Zeringue