Thursday, April 10, 2008


Jay Bonansinga is the author of several acclaimed suspense novels, as well as a number of original screenplays currently in development in Hollywood.

He applied the Page 69 Test to his latest book, Shattered, and reported the following:
Shattered is my latest novel featuring my durable, continuing character, FBI profiler Ulysses Grove. I have to confess, after cooking up four Grove books, the man has spontaneously broken the bonds of my meager imagination and taken on a will of his own. I always look forward to see what the hell he’s going to do or say. In Shattered, Grove encounters a psychopath with a very unique, very disturbing agenda – an agenda that ultimately targets Grove’s own family.

Now for page 69: In this fascinating, albeit arbitrary, exercise -- analyzing a single page in order to draw tip-of-the-iceberg extrapolations -- I was pleasantly surprised to find something interesting afoot. The killer is in the process of entering a maximum-security prison in order to set in motion a diabolical series of events. (A quick aside: Years ago, I had an editor who said, “Jay, I really need something ‘major’ to be happening by page 100.” I must have learned the lesson well.) By the time the reader reaches page 69 in Shattered, they should be locked into this weird, evil Rube-Goldberg plot. Or at least that’s the hope. Plus, my prime directive of triangulating sensory description – as inculcated upon me by one of our masters, David Morrell – is fully in effect: “…a moldy-smelling foyer painted baby-vomit green…” Not bad for a suburban brat from Peoria who learned to write by reading EC comics.
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--Marshal Zeringue