Friday, May 11, 2007

"Weapons of Mass Seduction"

Lori Bryant-Woolridge is the author of the best-selling novels, Read Between the Lies and Hitts and Mrs.

She applied the "page 69 test" to her new novel, Weapons of Mass Seduction, and reported the following:
When I first saw the email in my box about writing something for the “69 Test,” my first thought was, okay, another freaky website that thinks my book is some lusty erotic tale full of sexually aggressive women performing unspeakable sexual acts. Instead I learned that the 69 Test was an interesting and legit concept, and that based on page 69 of my new novel, I’ve passed the test. Not an A but definitely a solid B-.

Weapons of Mass Seduction is about three women of varying ages and races, who attend a workshop of the same name, in an attempt to find and/or revive the lost side of their sensual selves. Page 69 gives you some hint as to who the main character, Pia Jamison, is and what state her personal life is in. This fortysomething woman has given up on men and marriage but not motherhood. She wants to have a child but after five years of celibacy she lacks the confidence go after the man she wants to father her child. This is the moment towards the end of the four day workshop that Pia decides it’s time to climb back into her stilettos and get her flirt on.

WMS is a fun and sexy book that explores the excitement and struggle of what it means to be a confident sensual woman. Part flirt-manual, part fiction, readers have the chance to work on their own sensuality levels and flirting skills right along with the characters.

After getting Becca to bed, Pia headed back to her own room. Too wound up to sleep, she reached for the remote. She surfed channels for a few minutes before the talented cast of Waiting to Exhale captured her attention. As her eyes watched Robin try to shake off her no-good ex, Pia’s mind replayed her evening.

So far, tonight had been a complete bust. First, that idiot bore, Mike, followed by little girl lost, Rebecca. Surprisingly, Pia felt more disappointed than she’d have thought. Initially she’d been so apprehensive about going, and now she was upset that it had ended so abruptly. Now she would have to return to New York with all the cobwebs she’d arrived with still clogging up her dating game.

“You know the baby is going to have more than one mama, girl.”

The familiar line turned Pia’s attention back to the movie. The characters were all gathered around a bonfire, raising a toast to the New Year and the new life Robin was about to bring into the world. The scene was a harsh reminder that Pia was in the uncomfortable position of needing the exact things she claimed she no longer wanted.

“Screw this,” she declared, turning off the television and grabbing her purse and hotel key.

Pia stepped into the elevator certain that the bubbles in her stomach alone could lift her to the penthouse bar. She was nervous. It had been an awfully long time since she’d been on the prowl, but Pia refused to leave California the same woman as when she arrived.
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--Marshal Zeringue